January 2016 - Update

Monday, February 01, 2016 0 Comments A+ a-

It's time for the dividend update for January 2016.

Unlike the last update this *was* indeed a new record breaker month for dividend income! January sees a lot of companies in my portfolio paying dividends and they're finally starting to come in from the stocks purchased last year.

Even though I had some cash on the ready I was not able to make any investments due to other things going on this month. It's unfortunate since a lot of companies were on sale too! Despite this, I always remember the principle of paying yourself first - so next month will see twice the amount of purchases as normal.

The dividends received: 

Bell Canada$16.25
Bank of Nova Scotia$70.00
Corus Entertainment$9.50
RioCan Real Estate$11.75
TD Bank$51.00
TransCanada Corp.$24.95

Purchases this month:
  • None
Total amount of new purchases this month: $0

Portfolio Update

The total portfolio is now at: $30,864.68

As of today:

I have received a total of $183.46 in dividends this year. The portfolio will generate about $1423/yr which is $119 per month on average of tax-free income.